by Laura Briggs

October 2011
ISBN: 978-1-61116-119-9
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Alice’s boyfriend has just proposed to her. But she’s not sure about her true feelings for Warren. After falling and hitting her head she begins to have visits from a few family members from her past. They share with her their own experiences with romance and try to help her make a decision about Warren. Then there is her co-worker Jamie Lewison. Twelve years ago he’d asked Alice to marry him and she’d accepted. When she’d been offered a scholarship at the New Brunswick School of Fine Arts and Painting, she didn’t think asking Jamie to wait a year was fair so she broke their engagement. It broke her heart. She had difficulty concentrating on her studies and her grades proved it. She tried calling him but he never answered. He’d wanted nothing to do with her anymore.

Jamie would never have guessed twelve years ago that he’d be working with Alice. They hadn’t parted on good terms. He’d been heartbroken and bitter. But now he was glad he’d accepted the graphic art job that brought them together every day. It was nice to be with her again. However, Jamie is stunned when Alice tells him of Warren’s proposal. The guy doesn’t deserve her. Warren has no respect for Alice’s work and he constantly tries to change her. How can Jamie make Alice see that for herself without coming across as a jealous ex?

Alice is in turmoil and praying for God to help her see the right path. But will she like what God has in store for her? She will have to release control over to God and trust His will for her life.

Ghosts of Romances Past can be a bit hard to follow at times. The points of view and flashbacks don’t transition smoothly. Still, the characters are believable and it’s easy to relate to Alice. It is inspirational without being preachy. All in all, a pleasant read.

Reviewed in September 2012 by Rho.

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