by E. A. West

October 2011
ISBN: 978-1-61116-122-9
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Charlotte Harris spends her Tuesdays and Saturdays cleaning her church. It is her first job and a chance to gain independence. It is also a time of reflection. Because she suffers from Autism, Charlotte likes to be alone when she cleans. Everyone at the church knows to stay away on her cleaning days. But on this particular day Charlotte hears music coming from the sanctuary.

Zakaria Rush is the new director of the children ministry department. He is at the church on Charlotte’s cleaning day preparing for his first Sunday. He feels an instant connection with Charlotte. She is intelligent, kind, and beautiful. Due to Autism rendering her mute, Charlotte uses a cell phone with text-to-speech capabilities to communicate. Zakaria thought she might feel a connection to him as well. When he walked her home the look on her parents’ faces confirmed they were shocked that Charlotte had broken her routine for him.

Neither Charlotte nor Zakaria understand the unexpected response they have for one another. They take it to the Lord for His guidance. Her parents however, are having a difficult time adjusting to this new Charlotte. A Charlotte who voluntarily spends time with someone she hasn’t known her whole life. With Zakaria her life is forever changed. But, as in every relationship, one has to take the bad with the good. Charlotte feels the bitter sting of betrayal. Will she understand only a love that is tested will be strong enough to last or will she force Zakaria out of her life by hiding behind the pain?

The Key to Charlotte is a sweet inspirational love story by author E.A. West. It is a quick read both heartwarming and encouraging. West’s depiction of faith is humble and life-changing, never forced. This is a very enjoyable read.

Reviewed in September 2012 by Rho.

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