by Ann Jacobs

July 2003
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In the land of Aphrodisias lives a beautiful princess named Talia. On her eighteenth birthday, her parents throw her a lavish party filled with sensual delights. Then the evil witch, Acilik Marij, arrives. She is in love with the King's warlock, Grunyon. He rejects her and a battle ensues. At the end of the battle, the king and queen lay dying. Talia is taken deep into the forest and put to sleep for a thousand years.

A thousand years pass. A legend is told of twin princes who will seduce the sleeping princess and awaken her. The curse on the land will be lifted and the people will be free. In the neighboring land of Gaziantep live twin princes, Khalid and Joringel. Khalid is the chosen ruler. Joringel decides to to to Aphrodisias to find the princess and awaken her.

He finds everything to his liking in the neighboring land, especially the beautiful innkeeper, Jorinda. Jorinda is captured by the evil witch. The only way Joringel can save her is by releasing the princess from her sleep.

Awakenings is an interesting twist on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. The sex scenes are hot and frequent. Even though the story line is a little weak, I did enjoy it.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Jenni.

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