by Karen Robards

January 2012
ISBN: 9781439183724
Reviewer Graphic Button Gallery Books

Karen Robards books have always been ones I have enjoyed reading, but Sleepwalker is not going to be on the top on my list. It was a fast paced book but I was actually bored as I read it. I could not wait to for it to be over.

Detroit police detective Micayla Lange is house sitting for her Uncle, Nicco Marino. It is New Year’s Eve and it was not where she planned to spend it but when plans change she adjusted her own.

Jason Davis, thief who steals from the not so nice people. Unknown to Jason the house is not empty as it was to be and he has been taken into custody by “Mick”. When one thing leads to another the form of custody seems to go back and forth. What will happen when Mick sees the incrimination photos of Edward Lightfoot and his family? Did Uncle Nicco have anything to do with this?

Just who is the cop and who is the criminal, and just how does Uncle Nicco and his security team fit into all this? Who can Mick actually trust within her department? Just who is Uncle Nicco and how far back does his criminal activity go? Will Jason and Mick be able to save each other?

There were many things I wondered if I would get answers to while reading this book. There is romance and it is well written but the game that these two play was nerve racking to read. Do they fall in love and just what will happen when one is possibly taken into custody? Does one get taken into custody? Will Mick leave everything behind to be with Jason or will the law win out in the end?

Reviewed in April 2012 by Theresa.

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