by Cynthia Keller

October 2011
ISBN: 978-0-345-52875-9
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Two Rachels, both born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania just a few days apart. But it wasnít until thirty years later that they both found out they were switched at birth. This caused a turmoil in two families, one in New York City and one in a small Amish community in Lancaster.

This was an interesting plot with two highly unlikely mothers taking home the wrong babies, both named Rachel, from the hospital they were born. We follow the journey of Ellie and Rachel as they come to terms with the horrifying information they found out when they were 30 years old. We experience their emotions as they try to find their real identity. One, always feeling very confident in whatever she does, and the other always feeling out of place.

Overall I really enjoyed this pretty fast read, wanting to find out what happened to these two young ladies and their families. Sometimes parts of the plot didnít quite add up like Rachel moving into Ellieís apartment in NY without any problems with the different lifestyles. That just seemed a little strange to me. Also, you wonít see the Plain and Fancy Christmas part until the last few pages, which was a bit disappointing.

A Plain and Fancy Christmas is a great book for anyone who likes Amish fiction. You will enjoy this read.

Reviewed in December 2011 by Joy.

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