by Lecia Cornwall

January 2012
ISBN: 9780062018946
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Mass Market Paperback

Evelyn Renshaw is surrounded by the enemy. There are people watching her from the English Crown, her sisters always have a word of discouragement for her, and all of the English ton are speculating her next move since she is the wife of a traitor. Evelyn is not even sure if she is still a wife because her worthless husband disappeared a year ago. To make matters worse, what should have been an innocent ride in Hyde Park turns into a dangerous attack on her person. However, this situation changes her life not because of the villain, but because for the first time in her life Evelyn is going to meet an honorable hero.

Sinjon Rutherford is honorable as well as a handsome soldier. The problem is that he has been dubbed as a traitor, rapist, and now is a fugitive on the run. Sin is trying to clear his name, when he comes upon a damsel in distress. Then, he is accosted and taken to the house of a spy to the English Crown and is given an offer he can not refuse. He is to get hired as a footman for Evelyn Renshaw and locate a French national treasure. Thatís pretty simple except for the fact that Sin finds himself unreasonably attracted to her.

Evelyn and Sinjon are on a quest to clear both their names. There is danger around every corner and if they do not trust each other fully, that danger will be fatal to their reputations and to their very lives.

The Price of Temptation is a historical romance that surprises the reader. It begins a little slow and it is not quite that entertaining at first, but then something amazing happens in the story. The author throws in crazy sisters, loyal house servants, and a heroine that was mousy and develops into something spectacular. As I got involved in the story, I could not put it down. This story will pull you into an embrace that never lets you go!

Reviewed in December 2011 by Lakisha.

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