by Eloisa James

January 2012
ISBN: 9780062021281
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Mass Market Paperback

Olivia has been promised to a duke since the say she was born. Her parents have always made sure she followed the process of duchification. Unfortunately, Olivia did not always meet her parents' expectations as well as her twin sister, Georgina. She was too fat, loud, told bawdy limericks and was all around not the picture of an astute duchess. Olivia has never liked her betrothed, in fact, she has thought that there was something not quite right about him. Then, she finds out he has decided to go off and fight Napoleon and her parents and his father want them to consummate before the marriage! Then, she finds out that her sister has been chosen to undergo a series of ridiculous tests to see if she would be a suitable Duchess of Sconce.

Taquain has endeared a lot of heartache in the past few years. From having a trollop of a wife and the death of their son, Quin has decided it is easier to not express or feel any emotions. Then, his mother decides it is time for him to take a wife. Someone who meets her exact specifications. He was completely content to allow his mother the liberty of choosing his future wife until he met Olivia. She was beautiful, curvaceous, loud, and had a wonderful sense of humor, but she is betrothed to someone else. This is a problem because he canít keep his hands or his mouth to himself.

Olivia and Taquain try to fight their attraction to each other, but constantly find themselves in compromising positions. Not only that, Quinís mother cannot tolerate Olivia. Fortunately, Olivia couldn't care less about what anyone thinks of her. She is just out to be as happy as possible until she is leg-shackled. Then, when her first duke is in trouble it is up to both of them to pull him to safety.

The Duke is Mine is a fun read. This story is full of humor and sarcasm. The tongue-in-cheek dialogue and the innuendos will have you laughing out loud. Enjoy!

Reviewed in December 2011 by Lakisha.

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