by Katherine Irons

October 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7582-6142-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Present day off the coast of Greece

Underwater archeologist Elena Carter has been searching for an ancient sunken ship said to contain treasures beyond her wildest dreams. Searching for the vessel Elena is out alone when a storm hits and she pulls a handsome stranger from the ocean. Finding shelter from the storm Elena discovers erotic pleasure in the arms of Orion unlike anything she has ever felt before.

Prince Orion, second (or third depending on his fatherís displeasure with him or his twin) in line for the throne of Atlantis, has been scouting evil Melqartís shades. These nasty beings have been attacking along the coast of Greece. Orion is about to become a snack for them when he jumps aboard the boat of a beautiful spunky human female. After spending a night of sensual awakenings in each other's arms, Orion knows he cannot pursue a relationship with Elena or he will bring his father, King Poseidonís wrath down on both of them. So he erases Elenaís memories of their time together and leaves her with a parting token, an ancient artifact.

At a loss for what happened to her the last few hours, Elena canít help but yearn for the return of her Oceanborne lover, the mysterious Orion.

Author Katherine Ironsí sequel to her bestselling debut novel Seaborne brings together some of the past characters and adds some new. Hero Orion, the younger brother of Prince Morgan and hero of the previous book, is not as strongly developed as Morgan was. I couldnít find anything significant to perk my interest in the ho-hum Elena either. There are way too many plotline holes, (ex: Orionís sister Morwenaís death and resurrection due to a time travel thing thrown in as sort of an after thought) causes this book to sink fast. Sorry, Oceanborne just didnít live up to its predecessor.

Reviewed in April 2012 by Bonnie.

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