by Stephanie Burke

July 2003
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In order to save a precious child, whose body holds the key to reversing cancer and its effects on the body, Dr. Elanna Richfield trades her life to the terrorists who have just hijacked the plane she is on. When the government refuses to make a deal with the terrorists, Elanna is pushed out over the ocean. As she plummets to her death, she thinks of all the things she has never done and now never will have a chance to do.

Storm, a warrior and healer of the Merfolk, is trying to enjoy his one-day vacation when he is hit by the falling human. As he heals her, Storm canít understand why the humans would throw away a perfectly good female. He makes it his responsibility to take care of Elanna and takes to her to live on a deserted island. He just canít seem to leave her there alone.

Once again, Ms. Burke has given us a wonderfully funny and beautiful romance. Elanna is witty and, of course, intelligent. She is the type of heroine that, not only makes women proud, but we have come to expect from author Stephanie Burke. Storm is a tortured soul who tends to take to on much responsibility for things and actions that are out of his control. The love, found and lost, as well as all the emotions in this novel had me practically in tears at many times. The dialogue is funny, witty, and quick, keeping the reader glued, laughing, to the pages.

Ms. Burke is a talented author and her ability to create worlds, either new or existing only in fairy tales, is unparalleled. She proves with each new literary creation that she is an author to wait on, with bated breath, for new releases. Seascape leaves us with a happy sigh and wondering . . . will there be more? Please.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Vikky.

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