by Mlyn Hurn

July 2003
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Rebel Slave is a highly erotic fantasy “quickie” (short story) by Mlyn Hurn. It is basically the story of two lovers separated by a war, who finally are reunited.

Upon returning victorious from the last battle against the rebels, Drakkor attends the customary auctioning of prisoners of war. He places his bid upon the last slave to be auctioned. A bid for someone that he has long waited for. Someone over which the war started.

Jocienne has not seen Drakkor in over three years. He has changed quite a bit during that time. However, she can not deny her attraction to him. A twist of fate had turned her from his intended mate to his slave, but still she can not turn away from her feelings towards him. Her love for him is reawakening.

Despite its length, Ms. Hurn successfully brings us a highly arousing fantasy tale. The plot of the story basically centers on Drakkor and Jocienne`s reunion and Drakkor`s determination to make Jocienne his forever. Their love is a love that has transcended a war. The story has light elements of bondage, but they are handled in such a way that the story is appealing even to readers that do not particularly favor it. If a satisfying quickie is what you are looking for, this is one I certainly I recommend.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Mireya.

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