by Denise A. Agnew

July 2003
ISBN: 1-84360-539-2
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Deep is the Night: Dark Fire is the first book in Denise A. Agnew`s new Deep is the Night vampire/paranormal series.

Erin Greenway never believed in ghost stories and much less the paranormal, however, she soon finds reason to start questioning her own beliefs regarding the matter. The town she just moved in is not only shrouded in ghost stories and paranormal phenomena, but now it also has a very real stalker on the prowl who is attacking women. And are those voices in her head or just her febrile overworked imagination?

Lachlan Tavish comes to Pine Forest on vacation, to visit a couple of friends and to look for some property to buy. Shortly upon his arrival, his friends have to deal with a family emergency and they ask for his help at the library where Erin works. Immediate attraction ignites between them when they meet.

As Erin and Lachlan start getting involved, she needs to deal with issues stemming from her past. To make matters worse, Lachlan is an enigma to her and neither their mutual lust nor the weird connection they share helps. Lachlan has to earn her trust, not only because of her previous experiences, but also because her life is at stake. He understands her reluctance and allows her to set the pace in the budding relationship.

In “Deep is the Night: Dark Fire” Denise A. Agnew establishes a moderate pace from the beginning. She spoon feeds the reader slowly with the information needed to unravel the mystery. At times that pace felt a bit bothersome to this impatient reader. Both main characters are well developed and share a strong bond that transcends the physical realm, making them appealing, and the love scenes are sizzling. This book provides a good summer read to erotic romance readers who fancy paranormal suspense.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Mireya.

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