by Megan Hussey

September 2011
ISBN: 978-1-60659-628-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Phaze

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There is no bigger comic book fan then Amelia, especially of the erotic comic book series, O-Zone Adventures. She is into the hot men and the hot sex portrayed in the series. Her heart longs to meet one of the men of the O-Zone world. One of the men she desires to meet is Laryn. He is loving, handsome, and fulfills all the needs of his mistress. Amelia hates the way Princess Andala treats him, and she knows he deserves better.

Laryn is trapped in O-Zone with Princess Andala as her new boy toy since the others abandoned and found love on Earth. He aches to find love and intimacy with someone who will care for him as he cares for them.

Amelia and Laryn are surprised to wake up together. Laryn is ready to dive in, however, Amelia is ready to take it at a snailís pace. They decide to go an adventure and they learn about themselves and about how Laryn gets to Earth. It is unfortunate that Princess Andala is not pleased with the absence of her boy toy and now she wants him back.

Graphic Passions is a short, interesting read. There are quite a few love scenes, but you get the feeling that the story is incomplete. The story gives you bits and pieces of background, however as you read you feel all of the information is not being given. I did not enjoy this read as much as I generally enjoy this author. Give me more please.

Reviewed in April 2012 by Lakisha.

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