by Mercy Celeste

September 2011
ISBN: 978-1-59578-860-3
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Cassandra Pendleton needs a job badly, but she will be darned if she takes a job from NFL Star Jaime Dalton, her childhood nemesis. Then he raises the stakes and she ends up being his personal assistant. She now has to schedule his trips, workouts, and every other aspect of a super star NFL playerís life. She finds herself wildly attracted to him. When he turns those golden browns on her, she melts and her panties get wetter than the Niagara Falls. Cass is supposed to hate him but she is finding her emotions are quite the opposite.

YES! YES! YES! Jaime Dalton gets to hire the girl who has been torturing him since kindergarten, and now he can torture her. He begins to find that his body is tortured by her presence, and he wants to taste her like a cat tastes cream, but in his mind she is off limits. One night game of chase becomes very erotic and sensual and they both find they crave more of each other.

Then there seems to be a hidden enemy out to destroy their reputations and their lives. Pictures of them keep surfacing in the tabloids and they have no idea who or why this is happening. There seems to be something very powerful developing between them, but they are both too afraid to put a name on what is happening. They know it is hot, intense, and all-consuming.

Wicked Game is a great read. Cass and Jaimeís bantering is thoroughly enjoyable. The way the sexual tension is so built up is tantalizing and sensual for the reader. This read is incredibly funny, but also very erotic. You will thoroughly enjoy the plethora of emotions you will experience as you are engaged in this read. Great job, chick!! I canít wait to read more of your stuff.

Reviewed in April 2012 by Lakisha.

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