by Jo Ann Burner

June 2003
ISBN: 1-59286-242-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Publish America
Trade Paperback

Pirates! Pirates! What a great time to write a book about pirates! I was really looking forward to a book about pirates, especially after seeing the summer movie hit, starring the delectable Johnny Depp, Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirate Of My Dreams started out with all the swashbuckling action a reader could ask for. There was the handsome captain that meets a beautiful but secretive woman, both crossing the Atlantic to America with heavy hearts due to misfortunes in England. Both were striking characters and I was eager to read of their romance and adventures on the high seas.

Captain Lancaster is the typical tall, good-looking hero with a secret. Equally typical is Meagan McLeod, who matches him in beauty and personality, and has an even bigger secret. As it turns out, the reason for her temperament is because she, too, is a pirate. On this matter, they butted heads, because deep down inside, he wanted a lady, not a pirate. The chemistry between them always seemed awkward, rather than romantic. After they made love, they seemed to fight or have second doubts. At times, I found myself not liking either character.

The plot moved like standing aboard a ship on rough seas. It shifted back and forth so much, from trips to Charleston, to the Caribbean, from one island to another, one battle to another, that I almost became seasick. I found myself wondering what Meagan was doing sailing alone from England when she owned so many of her own ships! I liked the idea of a female pirate, and a captain, but she wasnít believable.

So many things about the story didnít make sense. It seemed for two people in love, they were always trying to hurt each other, only to say they were sorry and stupid at their next encounter. It became very tiresome. Arenít sea captains supposed to be strong and wise? At the end, they finally declare their love in an uneventful scene, although early in the story she nearly died three other times but that never caused a profession of love from Matt. Then she leaves him high and dry! It made no sense to me.

There were no colorful characters in the story, as one would expect in a pirate story. I was so disappointed! There were bad guys, but they werenít developed well and I never cared when they were defeated. Instead of having one battle after another, the author should have taken the time to develop really nasty, despicable characters for the hero and heroine to defeat, and sheíd still have plenty of time to add colorful characters to the story, maybe even one with an eye patch? Perhaps even a little humor would have helped. I guess Iíll stick with pirate movies, for now.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Suemarie.

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