by Janice Thompson

September 2011
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3346-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Revell
Trade Paperback

Athena Pappas is the head writer on Stars Collide, a sit-com on television. But ratings are going down, and the best ideas she and her team of writers are coming up with are old reruns that have already been done somewhere else.

When Athena’s boss, Rex, decides to hire a new comic to work on the writing team none of the writers are quite sure what to think. Athena is afraid she’s being replaced and wonders if she should just plan to work at her parents’ restaurant.

When Athena’s great aunt (with the same name) dies, she leaves Athena a strange little Greek dog that wreaks havoc in Athena’s parents’ house. She promises to find a new home for the dog, never dreaming that Stephen would take it for his little girl, Brooke. Now the pooch is pampered and Athena feels her life is out of control. Why is Stephen there? Is he after her job? Or is he after her heart?

Hello Hollywood is the second book in Ms. Thompson’s Backstage Pass series, but it easily stands alone. Set in Hollywood, it is stock full of movie stars, blitz and bling, and plenty of drama.

If you like a good romance with plenty of comedy mixed in then Hello Hollywood is a book to consider. Not to mention there is a fun “special feature” included at the end of the book.

Reviewed in December 2011 by Laura.

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