by Karen Ranney

December 2011
ISBN: 9780062096555
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Shona Imrie Donegal, Countess of Morton, is in dire straits. She is penniless, and she cannot tell anybody how bad things are. Her husband died a complete pauper, and left her nothing. Shona has been living on credit and her wits and both have run out. Now her only means of acquiring any money for herself, her companion, Helen, and her brother, Fergus, is to sell their clan home, Gairloch. Shona’s back is against the wall, and she feels trapped by her choices. To add insult to injury, her first love has reappeared, and is apparently going no where anytime soon.

Gordon McDermond is back, stung pride and all. He has been granted a baronetcy and he is ready to get out of the military game. He is going re-open the manufacturing company and find a girl to have babies with. Gordon is trying to convince himself that he is not bothered by the fact Shona chose to marry an old man for his money seven years ago. He is no longer in love with Shona Imrie. When the status of her financial affairs starts coming to light, he realizes she needs him more than her pride will allow her to reveal. It is unfortunate that she is having to rely on his kindness towards her brother, but now she needs him for just daily survival.

Then when the Americans come to view the castle, Shona has to depend on Gordon to help her entertain them and find out all why there have been weird occurrences going on at Gairloch. They have to ban together to unlock the mysterious going on around them, and maybe they can band together to unlock a love they both thought was long gone.

Scottish Love is a good read. Once you get past the stubbornness of the heroine the story really picks up. This story is about love surviving the test of time, other marriages, and diabolical fathers. Good story.

Reviewed in April 2012 by Lakisha.

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