by Janice Sims

September 2003
ISBN: 1-583-14420-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Arabesque Books
Mass Market Paperback

When Katherine Mathews takes her ailing father, David’s place at the annual Nuclear and Particle Physics Conference, she soon discovers that other scientists are extremely interested in her father’s newest discovery. After being physically attacked by one of her father’s colleagues, she decides to return home. To make matters even worse, upon her return, Katherine overhears a phone conversation that leads her to believe a terrorist plot is afoot. After turning the man over to police, and punching him in the nose, she discovers that he is in fact a U.S. Deputy Marshal. Katherine’s humiliation is complete.

Rafael Grant is not a happy camper! After being accused of being a terrorist and then being attacked by a “crazy women”, and a trip to the emergency room, Rafael finds himself under the tender loving care of the women who attacked him. However, Rafael soon discovers that Katherine is not crazy and finds himself in love with said attacker. Katherine is also attracted to Rafael and soon attraction turns to love on her part as well. When David Mathew’s discovery is stolen and Katherine becomes involved in a dangerous plan to try and recover it, Rafael realizes that is up to him to protect Katherine and find the missing research before it is too late and someone gets hurt.

Janice Sims newest novel Desert Heat is a romance that revolves around an extremely unromantic topic-science. Katherine and her father David are both scientists and there are a lot of scientific ideas presented by the author in the story. However, they are well placed and do not detract from the romance and did not bore this reader at all. However, I did find the big scientific discovery to be a bit of let down, but over all I thought the story to be a very interesting and unconventional approach to the topic of romance. I mean really, how many authors want to write about nuclear and particle physics and intertwine it with a love story? This book definitely gets my vote for originality. I also liked the slight taste of science fiction that is prevalent throughout the story, it was just enough to keep things interesting for the reader but no so much that the plot becomes corny or unbelievable.

However, the biggest detraction for me is who the thief turned out be and how his punishment was handled. I love to hate the bad guy and see him get what he deserves, and instead in this novel, I felt sorry for him. This was a real let down for me, but may not be for other readers. Over all I enjoyed this romantic foray into the scientific world and would recommend this book to anyone who likes a unique twist in their love stories.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Jen.

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