by Michele Sinclair

September 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0856-9
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Mass Market Paperback

1315, early fall

Raelynd and Meriel Schellden are identical twins, but complete opposites. Where Raelynd is forward thinking, methodical and meticulous, Meriel tends to be careless, quiet and could be anxious at times, always looking to Raelynd for direction. Both were spoiled, sheltered and allowed to rule their fatherís castle, and were the only ones able to bring this powerful highland laird to his knees. So when King Robert I decrees that Laird Schelldenís nephew Cyric return to his Highland home and marry one of his cousins to take over as heir to the Schellden clan, Rae Schellden knows he must protect his people and his precious daughters from such a fate. Enter his allies the McTiernay brothers, fraternal twins Craig and Crevan.

Craig is lured into the Schellden stables by Raelynd for a few stolen kisses, and then followed by their siblings, which turns into a free for all hay fight. When Laird Schellden finds the four his prayers are answered for a solution to his dilemma, announce that the four are betrothed, and then send them for a month to the McTiernay clan until the situation with Cyric can be neutralized. Craig will be Raelyndís intended and Meriel is promised to Crevan. It soon becomes apparent to all during their journey to McTiernay lands that they are all wrong for each other. Raelyndís feisty nature is more suited for Crevanís dominant personality, and Meriel has more in common with the easy go lucky Craig. Crevan is bound by honor and a sworn promise, yet a taste of Raelyndís sweet kiss canít help but be Tempting the Highlander.

This is the fourth outing of Michele Sinclairís The McTiernays. Tempting the Highlander is a sloppy mess. Too much confusion, chaos and choppy interactions make this an unbearable read. Heroines Raelynd and Meriel are so spoiled you canít feel sympathy for them when Lady Laurel starts making them work for their keep. Crevanís ego maniacal younger brother Conan seems more suited to take on the bratty Raelynd. There was zero, zip, nada chemistry between Crevan and Raelynd. I was a fan of the series, but Tempting the Highlander makes me want to miss the next game!

Reviewed in October 2011 by Bonnie.

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