by Emily Carmichael

February 2001
ISBN: 0-515-12996-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

I'd like to introduce you to some new and interesting friends of mine from Emily Carmichael's book Jezebel`s Sister. First, there is Cassidy Rose McAllister, a fiery tempered somewhat innocent girl, who of all things was raised in whorehouses. Then, there is Lila McAllister, Cass's older much more experienced sister, who protected and raised Cassidy Rose. These two adventurous women have worn out their welcome in Webster, Kansas and head west on a wagon train. They, along with their less then virtuous friends, join a wagon train from Shelby, Missouri.

The Shelbyites are a very pious group traveling with their very own fire and brimstone preacher. Or should I say, a man masquerading as a preacher, one Mr. Nathan Stone. Mr. Stone has a colorful past all his own. A past that comes with a price on his head and a marshal on his trail. Once these groups are thrown together, the sparks begin to fly.

What I like best about Jezebel's Sister, is that Emily Carmichael has created realistic characters, faults and all. For example, The Shelbyites are at first judgmental of the women from Webster. While out of stubbornness and pride, the members of McAllister wagon court this scorn. They flirt outrageously, swear, and dress inappropriately. The main characters have flaws all their own. Cassidy Rose has always wanted to be respectable, but her temper and the company she keeps have kept her from that goal. She loves her sister and friends dearly, but often judges them too harshly because they impede her respectability. She is quick to make amends though and truly means well.

Nathan Stone also means well, he just carries a lot of baggage. Like many men of the time the war changed him from a country gentleman, to a soldier, and then to a criminal, bent on survival. Both Cassidy and Nathan want to leave their past behind, but will the past let them go? Ms. Carmichael weaves this tale with great skill. Each and every character plays a key role in the story and all of them will win a place in your heart.

Reviewed in August 2003 by LauraLee.

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