by Tatiana Caldwell

August 2011
ISBN: 978-1-59578-850-4
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Jaxon Wentworth was a police officer who was all about the job, but when some scumbag criminal shot him, it seemed like life was over. Stuck behind a desk with a bum leg, Jaxon found an advertisement to be a part of an experiment for a company called Cyclone Industries, to be injected with something called the Titan formula. This formula would make him a super cop, and finally he could get from behind the desk and fight crime again.

In walks Celise Belderon. Hot, smart, and sexy, she is the total package Jaxon has been looking for. She is his doctor on call, and every time she walks in the room his body stands up at attention, literally.

When the Titan formula suddenly takes a very wrong turn, Celise finds herself having to do everything she can to keep Jaxon from killing the other scientists. Jaxon cannot control his emotions and he is far more out of control than he has ever been in his entire life. Celise figures out that a little physical engagement is what is needed to calm this super cop down.

Way Out of Control was an okay read. It was difficult to get into. The story development was slow, and when it seemed like it was getting ready to get exciting, it fell flat. This was not one of my favorite reads.

Reviewed in April 2012 by Lakisha.

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