by Mary Wine

August 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7582-4207
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Jemma Ramsden, an English lady, is tired of running from the grief from the death of her father. Her brother is pressuring her to allow their neighbor, Gordon Dwyre, to court her. He makes her incredibly nervous and feel things she does not understand. The way he looks at her awakens her body and sears her soul. Jemma is strong, stubborn, and wild. She has a spine of steel, but she feels like she cannot handle a man like Gordon. It is unfortunate he has to save her when she is accosted by unwelcome visitors, and they decide to use her for their own pleasure. She is hopeless until Gordon steps in.

Gordon Dwyre is a Scottish laird who burns for Jemma. He has been watching her ride her horse on the borders of his land for months. Gordon has to get a wife and some heirs under his belt. He believes she is the one he needs. On one of the days he is waiting for her to ride, he finds her in a dire situation with some English ruffians. His blood boils with rage and has to keep himself from causing the offending knights permanent harm.

Jemma is now Gordonís captive. He plans on convincing Jemma to marry him. Gordon begins to awaken the passion that lies beneath the surface of this prim, English miss. What they donít know is there is a hidden enemy among his clan that is out to kill Jemma. Gordon and Jemma have to convince the Scottish people of his clan that she is worthy of their love and respect, at the same time he has to figure out how to tame this wildcat who is inch by inch making a place in his heart.

My Fair Highlander is a terrific read. It is exciting and fun. The heroine is so dynamic, one wants to be her. The hero of this story is both savage and tender. He is everything fantasies are made of. Mary Wine pens love scenes like no other. This story wraps you up and makes you feel good about being a strong woman. After all, who wants a simpering priss anyway?

Reviewed in April 2012 by Lakisha.

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