by Shannon McKenna

August 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2863-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Lucia is a descendent of an Italian Count who, during WWII, took something of great value to the Nazis and hid it. Now someone wants that and is coming after Lucia to get it. After murdering her without getting what he wanted, the villain, John, learns that Lucia has three adopted daughters – Nancy, Nell and Vivi. He plans on tracking them down and getting what he wants. Tasting Fear is their trilogy of stories.

Nancy is a business manager/agent for up and coming musicians. Liam is a carpenter, who shows up shortly after Lucia’s death, thinking he’s there to do a job for Lucia. After he meets Nancy, he’s very interested, even though she’s not the type of woman he’s looking for.

Nell supports herself as a waitress, while going to school, and she’s been interested in a man who eats lunch at the restaurant where Nell works. Duncan, who likes having no entanglements, is a former intelligence agent and currently owns a software development company but after meeting Nell, who turns his predictable world upside down, he can't stay away

Vivi is a tattooed and pierced artist. Jack is a former special ops military man, who currently raises and sells flowers to florists and he has a very different image of Vivi when he agreed to harbor her from the psycho out to kill her sisters and her.

Tasting Fear was an extremely hard book for me to read, considering the number of errors I came across. I’m one of those unlucky ones that, while reading, an error will pull me right out of the story and I have to go back and re-read. Also, I didn’t feel like I got to “know” these characters so it was hard for me to care about them. The one constant throughout the book was the mystery and suspense. Too bad I didn’t “get” the characters!

Reviewed in August 2011 by PamL.

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