by Amy Mistretta

November 2003
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Jessie Logan was a successful super model. She had traveled the world and graced the covers of all the popular magazines. She had a few good friends. She also had one ex-boyfriend who wouldn't take no for an answer. Since she was eighteen, she had lived her life in a fishbowl surrounded by fans and reporters who allowed her no privacy.

Mark Hearst was the lead guitarist for Jagged Edge. He had traveled the world as well, playing at sold-out concerts. One-night stands and groupies had been his daily fare. His fellow band members were his friends.

Both Mark and Jessie were at a cross-roads in their lives. They both had moved to West Palm Beach to decide once and for all where their lives would go. Would they quit doing what they had always done? Would they be able to find someone who loved them because of what was inside, not who they were? Trying to find the answers was difficult enough, but Jessie had another problem. Her ex-boyfriend wanted her and was willing to do anything to get her back. Mark and Jessie were falling in love, but would they get a chance to be in love forever?

WAVES OF FATE is a quiet story about two people who learned to trust each other. There wasn't much agony over the decisions that the main characters had to make. The bad guy wasn't very scary. Actually, he was kind of pathetic. I would have liked more background on the characters. They felt a little flat.

I was pleasantly entertained by the story of Jessie and Mark. They were a nice couple to spend some time with.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Jenni.

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