by Sahara Kelly

July 2003
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Laird Rory McAllen was renowned for his prowess both on the battlefield and in the bedroom. On the eve of a battle, he is approached by the Guardian of Time; he is offered the chance to make a difference in the universe using his sexual talents or die tomorrow. I think we all know which choice he made, donít we?

When Major Boralle North was selected to participate in the Sexual Olympics on Frallien IV, she was not impressed with what she considered a dubious honor. She was the most junior lawyer on board the star cruiser, GAC 131, Galactic Adjutant Court. In a time when sexual satisfaction was provided by a machine, the TUNGóTEDco Unit, Number 14/F-37c, Green, known in earlier times as an Orgasmatron. She had the latest model in her quarters to help her to get into shape to compete. After all, it came with a set of genuine carbomide steak knives, who says it isnít a good value for your money?

Unfortunately for the Guardians, Rory has been a bit of a problem. They canít seem to match him with a subject that works. With a little help from an old friend, Alana, from Alanaís Magic Lamp, and the wife of the new Guardian, Rory and Borelle are about to set out on an adventure that will take them to places and heights that they never imagined.

Author Sahara Kelly, has once again presented us with a funny, sexy romp through time and space. I was excited and pleased to see some of my favorite characters from her earlier stories. While this story may be read as a sequel, it definitely stands alone. My only quibble, hate to say, was the little asides. While they were funny and informative, they pulled me away from the story and had me rushing to the end of the chapter to find out what happens next with Rory and Boralle. But I was supremely satisfied with the outcome of this story.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Carolyn.

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