by Jeanie Cesarini, MaryJanice Davidson, Alice Gaines, and Liz Maverick

December 2002
ISBN: 0-9648942-8-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Red Sage Publishing
Trade Paperback

In Red Sage Publishingís newest Secrets anthology, we are given tales by 4 very different, very talented authors.

In Taming Kate by Jeanie Cesarini, we get a modern version of Taming of the Shrew. Kathryn Roman is a very successful advertising executive in NYC. When her good friend Kitty Romanov dies, she is surprised when she receives a phone call telling her of her inheritance. How many women do you know own a brothel in Nevada? She then finds out that the only way to save the Palace from being closed down, all the women out of work and the community in an uproar, is to take over the management herself. Something she doesnít feel qualified to do, after all, she is an ad exec and a pillar of society, Romanís donít run brothels. With a little help from a sexy cowboy name Trey and the princesses at the Palace, Kate finds herself questioning everything she has been taught to believe is ladylike behavior.

Mary Alice Davidson takes us back to the Wyndham estate in Jaredís Wolf. Jared Rocke is out to avenge his sisters death at the hands of a werewolf a year ago. He traced it to the home of Michael and Jeannie Wyndham, from Loveís Prisoner in Secrets, Volume IV. When he happens upon a pretty little blond in the gardens, he feels itís his duty to save her from the monsters. Little does he know that he is closer to them than he thinks. Moira is unhappy and a little envious of Michael and Jeannie. After all, wolves mate for life, and she hasnít found her mate yet. Being half-human she doesnít know if there is one for her. When she is tackled and captured by Jared, she finds his scent quite pleasant and decides to find out exactly what he is up to. Most men see her and donít care that she has a brain. She is quite pleased and surprised to find out that Jared is attracted to both her body and her brain. Now all she has to do is keep him from getting killed.

In My Champion, My Love, author Alice Gaines takes us to turn of the century Upstate New York, where New York socialite Celeste Broder is committed to an asylum for being too highly sexed. Her friend, Xenobia tries to help by sending her a champion, Mayor Robert Albright. Unknown to either of them, they have each had sexually unfulfilling marriages. But since such passion is acceptable only in men, Celeste is the one behind bars. When a letter from Xenobia is revealed, Celeste and Roberts relationship is revealed. They now have to decide what is more important, pride or love.

Liz Maverick takes us to a future where women are still not accepted easily in the military and robots are commonplace. In Kiss or Kill, we meet Camille Kazinsky, whoís partner makes a mistake, she gets blamed for it. She doesnít realize that she is being tested. She is given a robo called Meat to determine whether he deserves to live or die. The wrong choice could see the end of her career. Meat just wants to live and be free. He will do everything in his power to survive, including seduce his evaluator. What neither plans on falling in love and being betrayed. The question is, who do you trust? And is love enough?

Four different tales by four fabulously talented authors. These tales were funny, sexy and steamy. I laughed out loud at Ms. Davidsonís wolves. I cried when Katie rode off into the sunset with her sexy cowboy. I was moved when Celeste and Robert were able to set aside foolish pride and realize that they were made for each other; and I cheered when Camille and Meat both realized what true freedom was all about. I can honestly say, I have never been disappointed in a Secrets Anthology and I am sure you wonít be either.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Carolyn.