by Jeanie Cesarini, Emma Holly, Desiree Lindsey, Betsy Morgan, and Susan Paul

December 1998
ISBN: 0-9648942-4-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Red Sage Publishing
Trade Paperback

Once again a group of some of today’s most skilled authors has contributed a luscious selection of their most sexy stories for this utterly captivating collection.

In Jeanie Cesarini’s Act of Love, a young actress, Shelby Moran, is so traumatized by some events in her past that she’s unable to act romantically with her co-star in front of the cameras. As a result of some arm-twisting, the famous and sexy ex-movie star Jason Gage is hired to help Shelby work through her issues. And his most unconventional methods not only help Shelby overcome her fears, and the resulting passion only leaves Shelby wanting more!

Jeanie Cesarini has crafted a story here which is equally sexy and sensitive. Shelby’s trauma is only too real, but Jason’s unique ways of healing are totally unforgettable! Hot and romantic, this story is only too memorable.

Enslaved has Lady Crystal in a terrible dilemma. When she’s unable to conceive, her husband compels her to seduce their mutual best friend. Lord Nicholas Summer is shocked as well as greatly tempted when he finds this out. But how can he resist a woman as alluring as Crystal! Will relationships survive after the barrier between friends and lover has been broken?!

Desiree Lindsey’s story is not only very arousing but also very realistic. Lady Crystal’s dilemma is only too real, and her fears and desire rage a war within her which is utterly compelling. And when all taboos are broken, the story cannot help but go beyond sexy and becomes absolutely stimulating!

Betsy Morgan and Susan Paul’s The Bodyguard has Kaki York, a sexy martial arts expert, becomes the bodyguard of a beautiful but promiscuous actress. She immediately comes up against the sexy and abrasive chauffeur, and together they set off sparks which threaten to drown those set off by the actress and her various paramours in the bedroom! But there is someone out to kill the actress. Will Kaki forget duty in the throes of passion?!

This story is a mix of suspense and sex. Kaki is a female professional who not only has to overcome male prejudice because as a bodyguard she’s working in a predominantly male profession, but she also has to keep her bursting passions in check while trying to do her level best at work. There is also a little mystery which keeps the danger high and the resulting tension only enhances the provocative atmosphere. Shady and spicy aptly sum up this dishy story!

The Love Slave by Emma Holly is probably the most delightful of these stories. This fantasy tale has the lovely young Princess Lily who chooses three delicious young men to be her personal slaves. She learns a lot from two of the young men and also teaches them a thing or two! However, it is the third slave, Gabe, who captures her heart; but neither he nor traditions allow her to have him as her mate! But this determined princess will not be denied what her heart longs for so much.

Emma Holly’s bold story is fascinating and seductive to the utmost. This story has more than one man pleasing this adorable and insecure young princess and a lot of bedroom games are in order! At the same time, its central theme of love being above anything is timeless and beautiful. Very erotic!

All together, there are two contemporary, one historical and one fantasy story included in this collection. The diverse times and settings as well as the short but compelling stories are meant to entertain the readers and that they’re successful in this effort, is beyond any doubt. The stories, while titillating in nature, encompass a serious issue or message within them and this lends them depth and meaning.

The Secrets Volume 4 is undoubtedly an exciting and heady mixture of the serious and the dead sexy!

Reviewed in September 2003 by Rashmi.