by Jeanie Cesarini, Ann Jacobs, Angela Knight, and B.J. McCall

December 1997
ISBN: 0-9648942-2-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Red Sage Publishing
Trade Paperback

Four hot stories, four different authors, four loving couples. This is what you will find between the covers of Secrets, Volume 3.

They start out with a bang in The Spy Who Loved Me by Jeanie Cesarini, where the FBI goes undercover in a rather unusual way – two agents find themselves starring in an adult film and fighting their mutual attraction.

In Love Undercover B.J. McCall also puts law enforcement on assignment – but this time the precinct Lieutenant has to become an exotic dancer under the fascinated gaze of one of her Detectives.

Vampires get the futuristic treatment in Angela Knight’s Blood and Kisses, a thrilling and different look at vampires of the future. After three hundred years, Decker doubts that much can inspire lust anymore, until he meets Beryl St. Cloud, and finds himself “neck and neck” with her.

The Barbarian by Ann Jacobs ends this anthology, with a tale of a medieval virgin who finds marriage to the Barbarian of the title not as bad as she had expected.

All these tales are hot and sensual, with heroes that make a reader’s blood boil. To single one out would be unfair, but Angela Knight’s tale is truly exceptional. For anyone who thinks of vampires as brooding, dark, blood-lust driven characters, this tale is a real treat. Secrets, Volume 3 is definitely a recommended read for those who like it hot.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Pam.