by Alice Gaines, Bonnie Hamre, Ivy Landon, and Jeanie LeGendre

December 1995
ISBN: 0-9648942-0-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Red Sage Publishing
Trade Paperback

Each book in the well-known Secret series is a collection of sensual and highly provocative stories by some of today’s famous authors. These are stories written for women, by women and are full of sexual tension and heat!

The first story in this collection by author Bonnie Hamre is titled ‘A Lady’s Quest’. In historical London, recent widow, Lady Antonia finds herself becoming the amorous target of the highly eligible, handsome and relentless Duke of Sutherland. But this is not acceptable to this independent woman and she then proceeds on a quest to find the perfect lover!

Charming, opulent and sexy – these words spring to mind upon finishing reading this delightfully wicked story. Bonnie Hamre excels at creating a story fraught with sexual tension and ripe with romance.

In ‘Spinner’s Dream’, author Alice Gaines spins a tale of a novice priestess in a dark and deserted forest, who’s one day forced to shelter a runaway slave in her cottage. The man then shows his gratitude by showering her with pleasure, and tempts her beyond her vows.

This fantasy story is seductive in its intensity and combines love and passion in a manner most romantic. Sexy and alluring!

Jeanie LeGendre’s ’The Gift’ sweeps away the readers into the exotic and captivating world of a Sultan’s harem. When a young Western woman protests her kidnapping upon presented to the Sultan, her bravery wins over this supreme ruler. He wickedly decides to tempt this naïve lady into the erotic secrets of his seraglio.

This book is based on a theme which was very popular some years back. But the story has not its flavor or its enticement to time. East and West are expertly matched in a game of love and lust.

‘The Proposal’ by Ivy Landon is the last tale in the book and it has a contemporary theme. Tracey and Craig are in love, but their sex life has no zing to it. He proposes to her, but then turns the night into a unique night of pain and pleasure.

Ivy Landon’s story is sexy as well as bold. It is a seductive look into not so common side of passion and the result is steamy and sexy.

To sum up : all four novellas are in very different styles and each is from a different genre. They take the readers on a journey which starts in historical England, traverses through an unknown fantasy land, crosses a harem and ends up in today’s modern world. But their appeal is universal and unmistakable. Passion rules!

Reviewed in August 2003 by Rashmi.