by Laura V. Hilton

April 2011
ISBN: 978-1603742559
Reviewer Graphic Button Whitaker House #1
Trade Paperback

This is a story of mainly Jacob Miller and Becky Troyer, two young people from Amish communities in different states. Jacobís father sends him to a cousin who lives in a rural Missouri town to hopefully change his mind about his sweetheart in Pennsylvania. Thatís the one thing Jacobís daed forgot to tell him though, Jacob thought he was only moving to help out his cousin on the farm. As for Becky, she ends up with a boppli and single because of her wild rumspringa time. Upon Jacobís arrival at their farm, there is a noticeable attraction between the two of them from the beginning. But Becky knew when Jacob found out about her secret, he would never come near her. With Jacob, there was someone back home named Susie. Jacob notices that Becky never smiles, and after he finds out about her daughter, he knows something bad had happened. He decides to make it his priority to be her friend and eventually bring her smile back.

Even though Becky has been before her church and confessed her sins, being shunned for 6 weeks because of them, can she overcome her past and trust another man into her life to love and trust?

What about Jacobís sweetheart Susie back home, they are to be married during the Amish marriage season in December. Will their time away from each other prove their forever love, or will his attraction to Becky grow stronger, maybe even as far as loving her?

I loved this book from Laura Hilton. In her writing this, she shows that being Amish is not always a perfect life. During the rumspringa years, some young people make bad decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. In most of the Amish books I have read, the daed was always the harsh type, almost as far as being just mean. It was clear they loved their children, but they tried to keep the Ďhead of the houseí rule strict I guess. But in Patchwork Dreams this was different. I really liked the attitude of Beckyís parents, Daniel and Leah. Daniel wasnít afraid to hug his girls anywhere, letting them know his love for them. He didnít agree with the Bishop on all things concerning Becky. (Donít want to tell you all so you can read and find out for yourself.) Beckyís mamm even suggested the family would move to another Amish community to keep Becky from being forced into hurtful situations. This was just really heartwarming to me, to see her parents' love and support for her. And the way they loved her daughter Emma, well the heartwarming love was easy to feel as you read the story.

If you love Amish, this is a must read! If you donít know, or havenít read any Amish books, then this would be a great start for you! I canít wait for the second book in this series A Harvest of Hearts that will be out in Sept. 2011.

A huge THANK YOU to Laura Hilton for providing me a copy of this book to read. I love the way Laura tells the story, and the characters she creates, making them real life. I didnít want the book to end!

Reviewed in July 2011 by Joy.

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