by Ann Gabhart

July 2011
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3454-1
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Trade Paperback

Isaac Kingston canít believe heís burying his wife, theyíve only been married a short while and this was not supposed to happen. But with his wifeís death and with no place to go, he ends up in a Shaker village. Though he doesnít believe what they teach, at least he has a place to sleep and food to eat. He especially doesnít want to go the Shaker ways after seeing the new Shaker lady who just moved into the village, the one who says she is the old preacherís wife.

Lacey Bishop is in more trouble than she bargained for. Living with the pastorís family at the time his wife dies, Lacey is forced into marrying the old preacher in order to take care of the little girl who was abandoned at their door. The preacher ends up joining the Shaker village, taking Lacey and the girl Rachel with him. What a mess Lacey is in. She does not believe the ways of the Shakers, especially their celibate lives, and especially after she meets the nice Shaker guy Isaac. Well, at least he is wearing Shaker clothes, but Lacey is just not sure he is a believer of the Shaker ways either.

Not knowing anything about the Shakers, I enjoyed reading this book and taking a look at the rules and regulations required in order to be a member. To me the people were weird, and actually seemed fake, but then it seems a lot of people were followers while their villages were active. I enjoyed the cast of characters created by the author who told the story of the old shaker ways and the reaction of those living around them. I would encourage you to grab a copy of The Blessed to read, especially if you enjoy historical fiction. The setting is in the mid 1800ís in Kentucky.

Reviewed in December 2011 by Joy.

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