by Felicia Mason, Adrianne Byrd, Doris Johnson

May 2003
ISBN: 1-58314-401-3
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Man of the House is a pleasant trio of stories which celebrates fathers and their touching stories of love and parenthood.

Felicia Masonís The Dreamers reveals Quentin Wrightís struggle to get past his wifeís death and open himself up to the love which is being offered to him by his daughter and his new girlfriend.

In Adrianne Byrdís One In A Million, Whitney Jackson seeks out her ailing sonís father, Gregory Woods. She is praying Gregory will be a match for the bone marrow transplant his son so desperately needs.

For years, Michael Kingsford has written letters to the son he believes he has lost. In Doris Johnsonís Father at Heart, heíll meet his son and learn that being a father is easier said than done.

Take the stories of three gifted writers and place them in one anthology, and there could be nothing less than a memorable collection. All of the stories are powerful and moving with approachable characters.

Using vivid insight, Mason spins an engaging web of emotion as she touches upon death and love while telling the story of a man who must let go of the past before he loses his future. Though this storyís ending lacks the smooth pace of the rest of the narrative, The Dreamers is still a good read.

Byrdís tale salutes fatherhood and unforgettable love and still manages to throw in an evil ex to boot. Those elements make One In A Million an exciting story. The scenes of Gregory with his son are exceptionally well written.

Father at Heart is my favorite story in the collection. I was sobbing at the end. Doris Johnson pens feelings on paper like a great photographer catches that perfect smile.

This is one book youíll put out and read over and over again as you think of your own father.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Natasha.