by Mary Ellis

October 2011
ISBN: 978-0736930109
Reviewer Graphic Button Harvest House Publishers
Trade Paperback

Meghan Yost has dreamed of becoming a school teacher all her life. When the current teacher must resign because she is expecting a baby, Meghan begs for the job. But her father, the bishop, is hesitant to hire her because Meghan is young and flighty, spending more time playing with children than engaging in more womanly activities.

Her father finally agrees to let Meghan have the job of assistant teacher if her sister takes the main teaching position. Meghan is thrilled. But then a string of hate crimes against the Amish occur. Her brothers are beaten, the school is vandalized, fences cut, and crops destroyed. Since the local police believe that the Amish are targeted, they call in the FBI to investigate.

Thomas Mast is sent to do the work in Amish country. As the low man in the FBI totem pole he gets the jobs no one else wants. But the Amish refuse to press charges, and with little to nothing to go on, Thomas doesnít know how he can solve this mystery. Meanwhile, the hate crimes continue, getting more vicious and hateful each time. Will Thomas find the guilty party? Will Meghan prove her worth as a teacher?

A Marriage for Megan is the second book in Mary Ellisí The Wayne County series set in Ohio. Meghan is a teenager, active, and impulsive, and anxious to find her own way, even hurting those who get in her way. There are other points of view included in this story Ė Thomas Mast, who has a secret of his own; The bishopís, who is making some controversial decisions; Meghanís sister, Catherine, who is the new head teacher and had to leave her beau to do so.

A Marriage for Megan is a great read. It does start out a little slow but it quickly picks up. I couldnít put this book down. The ending isnít all neatly tied up, so I think Meghanís story will probably be continued as a secondary character in the third book of this series. Fans of Amish fiction wonít want to miss A Marriage for Megan. Discussion questions are included at the end of the book.

Reviewed in April 2012 by Laura.

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