by Beth Wiseman

October 2011
ISBN: 978-1595548863
Reviewer Graphic Button Thomas Nelson
Trade Paperback

Katie Ann Stoltzfus has lost the love of her life - to another woman. Her husband Ivan left her pregnant to move back to Lancaster County to be with his mistress and now, heís dead. Claiming to be in mourning, Katie Ann is resistant to anyoneís attempts to match her up. Sheís happy, she has her son, Jonas, and sheíll be just fine...but thatís until she meets handsome widower Eli Detweiler.

Eli has come to Canaan, Colorado for a wedding and a vacation. Heís raised his six children all alone since the death of his wife seventeen years ago, and now heís finally an empty nester. Eli is attracted to the lovely Katie Ann, but heís already raised a family. A widow with a newborn child ó out of the question. Still, he enjoys spending time with her.

Eli and Katie Ann have plans for a future that move them in different directions so they feel comfortable with a friendship. But when the relationship moves forward they develop feelings for each other. Katie Ann struggles with wondering if she could possibly trust another man and Eli doesnít want to leave his children and grandchildren. Will their plans line up with Godís?

The Wonder of Your Love is the second book in Ms. Wisemanís A Land of Canaan series, but it easily stands alone. The same cast of characters is present in both books so you might want to read book one to get acquainted with some of the others, especially outspoken Englisher, Martha, who is Katie Annís best friend. There are also some mysteries. Who left a box of money on Katie Annís steps when she needed it most? Why does Ivanís mistress, Lucy, need to talk to Katie Ann?

If you like Amish romances, then youíll want to read Ms. Wisemanís The Wonder of Your Love. It is heartwarming. I couldnít help but fall in love with Eli. And Katie Ann was a very strong, very courageous woman. Discussion questions are included at the end as well as an excerpt from Ms. Wisemanís next novel.

Reviewed in December 2011 by Laura.

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