by Elizabeth Jewell

July 2003
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Seven days after the destruction of his ship in a storm, David Fraser, lost at sea with no food and water, has given up and is ready to die. As another storm develops and his lifeboat capsizes, he is sure that the end is near and his misery has come to an end.

Gilly has been living on the isolated side of the island for a while now. She doesn’t have anything to do with the town’s folk out of fear. While riding the waves of the sea during a storm, she discovers David and saves his life. She is totally taken by surprise by her desire for him. Her mother told her about the sailors, but she has also told Gilly that one-day he will leave her. But that doesn’t stop her from being curious and fascinated by him.

David knows there is something different about the woman who saved him. While not beautiful, she has a way about her that makes him want to be with her always. When he discovers her secret, that she is a Selkie, it is too late; he is already in love with her and never wants to let her go. Unfortunately, he is going to find out the choice has never been his.

When Gilly’s pregnancy forces her back to the sea, David knows that not to return her skin will endanger both her life and the life of their child. Now he is faced with a choice, to wait for her or leave and never see her again as the legends predict.

Lady of the Seals is a sweet, story about finding love in the most unlikely places and with the most unlikely people. I really liked Gilly and David. They were sweet. The story was short, and the happily ever after had a really nice twist to it.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Carolyn.

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