by Lisa T. Bergren

August 2011
ISBN: 978-0307730107
Reviewer Graphic Button Waterbrook Press
Trade Paperback

There was a lot of bitterness and emotional problems between Krista and her mom Charlotte. Charlotte’s husband left her when Krista was small, and it seemed she never really got over the hurt, which led Charlotte into a life of difficulty and confusion. Because of her mom’s confusing life, Krista was never close to her, moving away as soon as she was able to make it on her own.

In this book, Charlotte is near the end of her life and Krista goes to the Alzheimer’s home where Charlotte has lived for many years to spend the last days with her mom. And the owner of the Alzheimer’s home was none other than Krista’s high school sweetheart Dane McConnell. Knowing the relationship between the two ladies, Dane does everything he can to help Krista get to know her mom’s life better, including giving her an old music book where Charlotte had recorded much of her life’s story. Not only does Dane want Krista to get to know Charlotte better, he also wants to rediscover the relationship he and Kristen had before, but Kristen is just not sure about it.

First of all, this would be a great book for those dealing with someone who has Alzheimer’s. A facility like the one in this book would be an awesome place for someone with this illness to spend their life. And Dane is wonderful with the patients. He is also adorable, and I just couldn’t see why Kristen gave him such a difficult time saying yes to him when it was obvious how crazy he was about her. But in the end, this book was full of love, grace and forgiveness and second chances. And yes we can’t forget the romance between Krista and Dane that was there throughout the book. Grab a copy of this book and enjoy it, pass it along to someone who would enjoy it as well!

Reviewed in April 2012 by Joy.

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