by Kasey Michaels

March 2000
ISBN: 0-8217-66522-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Quinn Delaney is a security expert. Shelby Taite is so disgustingly rich her fingernails probably cost more than the budget of a small nation, and if anyone needs security, it’s her. At least according to her over-protective, arrogant, Philadelphia family.

Shelby, however, is fed up. Sick of the boring, empty games played by the rich and filthy rich. Sick of her arranged engagement to a complete dope. And sick of not being free to think for herself. The cure for all this sickness? Shelby disappears.

And who gets the call? Quinn Delaney. It’s a pretty easy job to find Shelby, but his assignment at that point becomes awkward. The Taites want to let Shelby experience this “freedom” of hers, as long as she’s safe. Which means Quinn has to go undercover and protect her. And protecting her means getting to know her, and getting to know her....

This is a charming, off beat story, that certainly cements Kasey Michaels’ name in my mind as a fine writer of lighthearted comedy/romance. All the characters are picture-perfect, drawn with a light but accurate hand. Shelby is a joy, discovering the pleasures of beer and working in high heels. The way she charms a small town is so much fun, and the way she charms Quinn, well — you can’t get much better than that romance. I laughed along with Shelby’s adventures, and yearned for a small town of my own where such delightfully eccentric people live in complete gossipy harmony with each other.

For a wonderful, laughing look at love with the added twist of money and greed thrown into the pot, you can’t do better than this story. I note it is the prequel to her excellent Too Good To Be True, reviewed elsewhere on this site, and I’d love to hope that Kasey Michaels will continue her theme and give us “You’d Be Like Heaven To Touch” before too long.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Celia.

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