by Linda Howard

February 1984
ISBN: 1-55166-549-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Every now and again, itís a delight to wander through oneís books and revisit old friends whose stories have left a lasting impression Ė either with a smile or a tear or a tug at oneís heart.

Such is the case with Come Lie With Me by Linda Howard. One of her early books, it is a romance filled with what would become her trademarks Ė fabulous heroes, hot and sensual romance, and a well-crafted, realistic plot. Blake Remington is dying. He has suffered serious injuries in a mountain climbing accident and although surgery has successfully repaired his body, his mind cannot stand the thought of life in a wheelchair. In desperation, his brother-in-law turns to Dione Kelly as Blakeís last chance. Her success with difficult physical therapy cases is outstanding, and she can pick and choose her clients. After one look at his photo, Dione chooses Blake.

And so the battle commences. Listless, ready-to-die Blake clashing with damned-if-Iím-going-to-let-you Dione. The therapy strikes sparks, first of anger, then of confusion, and eventually of passion. While not as frankly sensual as many of her later books, the heat is there, in the dialogue and the feelings of these two lovers.

This is a wonderful example of how the tension in the story can be created by the lovers themselves, not by any extraneous plot device. We are kept on the edge of our seats as revelations emerge about both Dione and Blake, and itís a rough ride to the inevitable happy ending.

As a confirmed Linda Howard fan, I loved finding this small treasure, and enjoyed the romance between two attractive characters. I can heartily recommend it to any fan of the genre, and if you already have some of Ms. Howardís work on your shelves, this would be a great addition.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Celia.

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