by Julianne MacLean

October 2011
ISBN: 978-0-312-36533-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Drumloch Manor, Scottish Border

October 1721

Highlander Lachlan MacDonald is renowned for his physical prowess on the battlefield as well as his seductive allure with the lasses in the bedroom. But Lachlan, Laird of War from Kinloch Castle has been cursed by the vengeful witch/oracle Raonaid, the former lover of his clan chieftain. Raonaid vowed to make Lachlan pay for his multitude of sins, and her spell condemns any woman he takes to his bed to certain death. Rather then have some poor lassie fall to this hideous fate; Lachlan has been celibate for three long years. Searching for Raonaid so she can remove the curse, has consumed Lachlan’s every waking moment. Finally his trek has led him to Drumloch Manor and the woman who will make or break his destiny.

She’s been told that she is Lady Catherine Montgomery, heiress to a vast fortune. Yet, prior to awakening in Italy under the care of nuns, Catherine has no memory of her past. Other than what her grandmother and her cousin John, the current earl of Drumloch, have told her, Catherine wishes with all her heart to unlock the truth to who she really is, and find the “ghost” who haunts her dreams.

Meeting Lachlan MacDonald inside the stone circle on her land, Catherine senses he is someone who can help her regain her memory. Not buying the lying witch’s tale that she suffers from amnesia, Lachlan decides he must take her back to his home in the Highlands. It is there that others who knew Raonaid can positively identify her. The ardor that Catherine releases inside Lachlan’s lust deprived soul can only lead to doom, unless together they can find the answers to the mysteries they both seek to solve.

Julianne MacLean knows what excites and writes it! Third in her by the Highlander series, Seduced by the Highlander is the perfect blend of mystery, and romance. The formula calls for an evil twin, a curse, hidden family secrets, and a hero and heroine who clash so hotly they sizzle right off the pages.

Reviewed in October 2011 by Bonnie.

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