by Kate Pearce

September 2011
ISBN: 978-0-451-23452-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

The desire to rule England had Henry Tudor seeking the help of the Druids to defeat the Vampires. The Druids responsible for protecting the Tudors is the Llewellyn family and they have done their job well. Henry VIII is on the throne and Jane is his queen. A new threat has come to court putting Queen Jane in danger.

Verity Llewellyn is left to protect the queen after her brother, Jasper, is injured. When she voices her concern for Jane, Jasper merely scoffs. While Verity was never trained to slay vampires, she does have the ability to sense them. She sends a missive to her cousin, Rosalind. But Rosalind is pregnant with her second child and Christopher is needed to protect their son from vampires. It falls to Rhys to go to court and help Verity find the source of the queen’s ailment.

Rhys remembers Verity from her childhood. He also believes she has no business slaying vampires. The Verity Rhys remembers was a sweet, obedient girl who should prove to be no trouble whatsoever.

When she sees Rhys at court memories of her young infatuation for him floods Verity’s mind. Then he voices his plan to replace her, dismissing the idea of her protecting anyone from vampires. Verity is livid and vows to prove herself once and for all.

Both Rhys and Verity have something to prove. He is no longer in love with Rosalind. Once discovering his new feelings for Verity he has a rough road ahead of convincing her that Rosalind is in the past. Verity may not have undergone the same training as their cousin, but she has her own strengths and Rhys is determined to help her hone them.

Verity welcomes Rhys’ new confidence in her abilities. They will need to stand together to defeat the powerful vampire intent on ruling from the throne. Once again Druids and Vampires must join together for a common cause.

Rhys and Verity have been unlucky with love so it is good to see them finding true love with each other. I am glad Rhys got his own book. I felt sorry for him in the first two books in the Tudor Vampire Chronicles. Book three, Mark of the Rose, makes their path to finding peace with their love a believable journey. The suspense is well done and the love scenes are smoking hot. The story line, written to read alone, is much the same as the first two, but the growth of Rhys and Verity both individually and as a couple makes this a stand out addition to an already entertaining series.

Reviewed in October 2011 by Rho.

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