by Susan Kearney

July 2003
ISBN: 0-373-79100-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #96
Mass Market Paperback

Maggie Miller has come up with the perfect plan to rid herself of her obsession with her boss, movie mogul Quinn Scott. When an actress is forced to cancel her appearance at a benefit masquerade, Maggie decides to taker her place, secure in the knowledge that she is a close enough match to the actress that Quinn will be fooled. Costumed and masked, Maggie eagerly anticipates a night of passion with Quinn. The plan is sure to succeed!

And boy, does it ever succeed! The sexy scenes between this perfect pair set the pages steaming! When Quinn arrives at the office, distracted from his night’s indulgence, he learns that his mystery date was not the person he thought it was! Who was that sultry, sensuous woman who seduced and charmed her way into his heart?

Maggie is affected as well. Who would have guessed that along with a sexual repertoire to equal a gigolo, she would discover a caring, thoughtful lover? Quinn’s reputation as a ladies’ man is surely well-deserved, and while Maggie craves another encounter, she doesn’t want to be a notch on his bedpost.

Susan Kearney has a real hit with Bordering on Obsession. I just loved the relationship that already existed between Maggie and Quinn, a true partnership rather than boss and employee. Then when lust and love is brought into the mix, things get really interesting! There is excellent secondary character development in Quinn’s protegee Kimberly, and his movie idol father, Jason. Ms. Kearney has indicated that Kimberly’s story is next, and it promises to be interesting.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Paula.

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