by Eva Marie Everson

June 2011
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3436-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Revell
Trade Paperback

Karen Tucker is in Cedar Key to help her dad find a housekeeper for his beach vacation home. And why not, she has nothing to do since school is out and her ex-husband has the two boys five weeks during the summer. Charlie was making her life difficult, but all she cared about was the boys and their safety. What sheíd heard about Charlie's lifestyle, well, she just wasnít comfortable with the boys being with him for such a long time. Since her dad wouldnít take no for an answer, she takes off to Cedar Key. She will find a housekeeper quickly and come home. Job done. And something else, what she didnít want to tell anyone is why she really didnít want to go to Cedar Key in the first place. She dreaded meeting up with her old high school flame Steven Granger.

Steven Granger is helping his dad at the boating tour guide business in Cedar Key because of illness, but what he didnít expect to do was to run into his old high school sweetheart Kim. Although he was glad to see her, he wasnít ready to hear that she was still harboring hurt and bitterness from their teenage love affair years ago.

This was my first book of Ms. Everson and I am thrilled to find another awesome author! I love this wonderful story of second chances. My heart went out to Karen, who was painfully hurting over yet another man walking out on her, and this time she had put her whole life into their family and marriage. I love that the author created the character Patsy for Kim to have in Cedar Key. Patsy is someone we all need and want in our lives, full of love, wisdom and care; knowing just the right advise to give.

Throughout the book, we see the importance of letting God take control, even when situations are so bad that we think our life will never be happy again. I appreciate the authorís emphasis on how God can take the bad and make something good of our lives if we let Him, even though itís not always easy.

I highly recommend Chasing Sunsets to anyone wanting a wonderful light romance with the setting on a small island where life goes by at a very slow pace. Reading this winning romance novel will take you to a place of relaxation and make you forget about everyday life around you!

Reviewed in June 2011 by Joy.

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