by Diana Wallis Taylor

June 2011
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3465-7
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Trade Paperback

Martha is a Biblical fiction about Lazarus and Mary’s sister Martha. Martha takes on her mother’s task of cooking, cleaning, taking care of her father and sister, and all of the other aspects of taking care of a household. With all of her responsibilities, Martha doesn’t have time for a life of her own, including romance. When she falls in love with a Roman Soldier, she needs to make a decision. Does she marry the man she loves, or will family responsibilities cause her to postpone her marriage? Martha really loves this soldier and he loves her, and since both were older than the usual couples who fell in love in those days, they didn’t want to wait very long to get married. As the story unfolds, you will see the life and struggles of this amazing Biblical character through the eyes of the author. You will feel as though you are back in those times the Bible talks about and living Martha’s life right along with her.

I chose this book because I love reading Biblical fiction, especially if the characters are women of the Bible. Yes, this book is fiction, and the details of Martha’s life in this book are the way the author sees them, but since the Bible doesn’t give us all of the specific details, it is fun wondering what Martha’s personal life was like. And since she is a sister to Lazarus and Mary we are told in the Bible that Jesus was a frequent visitor of their home. I enjoyed reading and wondering if this was something of what their life was like as well. Though I never thought about Martha falling in love, she really could have. No one knows that for sure. There were a few things that were not exactly like what the Bible says, but we must remember this is fiction, and please do not let this be a substitute for reading your Bible. I suggest reading this book about Martha, then reading the same account of her life in the Bible.

I recommend this book to those loving romance, and Biblical fiction. It is just a very good and interesting read for anyone.

Reviewed in June 2011 by Joy.

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