by McAbee, Miller, Scott, Laurey, Kelly, Edgar, MacMeans, Baker, Wilder

August 2003
ISBN: 1-55316-494-6
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How does one review a book containing nine superb paranormal romances? Talk about just one? Review all nine? Itís an impossible task, especially when all the stories are of extraordinarily high quality, and all deserve praise and recommendation.

First, letís take a look at the authors represented here. K.G. McAbee, Janet Miller, CB Scott, Rosemary Laurey, Isabo Kelly, Ellen Edgar, Donna MacMeans, Megan Sybil Baker and J.C. Wilder. If youíre a fan of the paranormal, then several, if not all these names will be familiar to you. And after reading this splendid anthology, they all will become familiar to you. Featuring tales that span the breadth of time from the distant past through todayís world to far-off planets in new galaxies, all these stories are spell-binding and excellent reads.

It seems unfair to single out any particular one for mention, but to give you an idea of how varied this assortment of mystical magical tales is, Knight Moves, by CB Scott, whisks a lucky lass up into her favorite medieval movie and makes her the heroine. Her adventures, however, require more than just knowing the script.

Kallaaytís Tale by Rosemary Laurey, confronts the issue of might versus right, and adds the always-fascinating thread of dragons into the mix. Isabo Kellyís Interface puts a feisty woman in great danger and asks her to put her trust into a man who makes her feel a lot more than just secure.

Smoke and Mirrors by Donna MacMeans, is a contemporary morality tale, and asks difficult questions about what the mind sees versus what the heart knows. Megan Sybil Baker's To Call The Moons takes us to a far off place where a prisonerís secrets are even bigger than those of her captor. And so the stories roll on.

Each different, each a perfect gem of brilliant beauty, these tales form a book that will lure you in with its seductive charm. I wish I had more time and space to devote a review to the individual stories, but all I can do is encourage you to read it, and discover these jewels of paranormal romance for yourself.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Celia.