by Bonnie Vanak

December 2003
ISBN: 0-8439-5299-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

New comer, Bonnie Vanak brings us a tale of mystery, greed, tradition and passionate love.

Lady Katherine Kalia Smithfield is betrothed to an Egyptian, whom she has never met. While in Egypt awaiting her wedding, she and her father visit a Cairo museum. While her father is looking at an artifact, the men accompanying them accuse him of stealing it, later on. The price for his life is a treasure map. A map of an ancient tomb filled with gold and protected by an ancient curse. A treasure map that is in the possession of Nazim Ramses bin Seti Sharif, Guardian of the Ages.

Ramses has never met his intended bride and wants to keep it that way. English ladies were known for their rigid backs and for the ice flowing through their veins, but a betrothal agreement has been made and he will honor that agreement. When a small Egyptian woman asks him for a kiss, he obliges only to have her take his heart and his ancestral treasure map with her. Who is she that she could awaken him with one mere kiss and why did she steal his map? Is she another tomb robber bent on desecrating those who held the tombs and their ancestors as sacred?

Ms. Vanak writes a story full of adventure, misunderstanding and discovery. Katherine, bearing a scar on her face from her youth, discovers love and passion in Ramses arms. Ramses is a very sensual and a deeply honorable man. His kisses made me melt and his caresses made me burn…geez, how I wished to be Katherine for just a little while. Ms. Vanak’s love scenes aren’t just about sex, they are romance at its best. Whew!

Bonnie’s description of the desert, tombs, curses and passion are brilliantly written. Nothing is missing to make the reader wonder about the setting or situation.

After having watched the story of Nefartiti on the Discovery Channel, I found myself drawn into Katherine and Ramses’ story. I could feel, smell and taste everything, which is the true sign of a writer’s excellence. Bonnie Vanak is soon to be an author to emulate. Her writing style is both refreshing and captivates her reader.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Debbie.

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