by Ellen Fisher

October 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-419-4
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Gwaltney Harris wants respectability and the only way he knows how to do it is to marry a lady of quality. So his friend, Jonathan, recommends Cordelia Ashton as her father is trying to find her a suitable husband. Jon thinks that Gwaltney will make a perfect match for Cordelia - at least he hopes so. Gwaltney was not born with money; he had to work his whole life until a throw of the dice gave him the plantation he now owns.

Cordelia Ashton does not want to marry but intends to remain a spinster, all due to a love that broke her heart seven years earlier. So now, to deter her would-be suitors she dresses in the most ugliest of gowns, wears her hair in an unbecoming bun and has a razor-sharp tongue that cuts to the quick. It doesnít matter to her at all who she cuts down with that barbed tongue, every male is fair game and that includes Gwaltney.

Gwaltney has fears that he is afraid to share with anyone, only a few know his secret. He doesnít want Cordelia to find out because he is sure she will use it against him like she did his upbringing and what he has done for a living. But something draws him to Cordelia, even when she has caused him pain.

Cordelia also has a fear that makes her the shrew that everyone believes she is, only she isnít that person inside. She strikes back from her own hurt. Can she let go of the hurt she has known in the past and move forward with Gwaltney?

Love Remembered is a story filled with pain, misunderstanding, attempted murder and harassment, and a growing love and affection between Gwaltney and Cordelia. There are several incidents throughout the story that left you wondering when Cordelia would be her true self and not the one that she had been playing for so long. The secondary characters were wonderful and played a role in several incidents between Gwaltney and Cordelia. Mary, Gwaltney's niece, was a delight in how she interacted the adults in the story and she had her own pain to overcome as well.

Ms. Fisher has written a wonderful story not to be missed. The story pulls you in and doesnít want to let you go until you come to the end. Love Remembered is full of life and the trials one faces, and the ability to overcome the past and move forward.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Pam.

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