by Victoria Dahl

October 2011
ISBN: 9780373776092
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Mass Market Paperback

Eric Donovan and Beth Cantrell have a past that includes a steamy one-night stand. Unfortunately, there is something else standing between them: lies. Eric, a staid and stodgy businessman, just wanted to be someone else for a night so he claimed to be his younger brother, Jamie, known for his wild partying ways. Beth was attracted to the preppy businessman and still cannot get him out of her head. But when she learns the truth, that “Jamie” is not really Jamie, she sees red.

Eric cannot forget Beth either, but unfortunately, they are meeting again under the worst of circumstances. Beth cannot forgive him for his lies. She has been played the fool by a man in her past and it still hurts her to this day. Her trust in Eric is nil, even if their attraction is still going strong. Eric does not want Beth to forgive and forget, but he cannot let her go on believing that he is truly the scum she thinks he is. As these two continue a dance that was started by a heated night of passion, will they finally let down their guard enough to admit that there is something more between them?

Real Men Will is the final book in Victoria Dahl’s Donovan Brothers Brewery series and it finally gives fans of Beth and Eric another chance to see where their story is going. Eric was not always the most likeable character in this trilogy for me. However, in this book readers finally get more insight into why Eric acts the way he does and I felt he became a more approachable character, rather than just an irrational and controlling older brother. There is more to him than meets the eye, and I was glad to see that Jamie in particular, finally started seeing his brother as a man just trying to get by. Of course, the heart of the story is Beth and Eric and how they learn to trust each other again. Victoria Dahl slowly but surely gives Beth reasons to trust Eric again, even if she is perhaps unwilling to always believe those reasons. Nonetheless, I was glad when these two finally recognized their true feelings for each other. Real Men Will rounds this trilogy off on a very positive note, leaving readers with a good impression of Eric. He is finally the man he had hoped he could be and in doing so, relates better to his family and to the woman he loves.

Reviewed in October 2011 by Sarah.

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