by Erin McCarthy

October 2011
ISBN: 978-0-425-24396-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Tuesday Jones is mourning the loss of her father, who died from cancer. It was not slow or drawn out, it was swift and painful and she thinks she may never recover from the loss. She breaks down in the arms of a stranger, only to realize it is driver Diesel Lange, who left the sport after he was nearly killed in an accident.

The next time she sees Diesel, Tuesday still is not at her best. She is definitely more than tipsy at her best friendís wedding but Diesel proves to be a knight in shining armor yet again, driving her home and sacrificing the next morning to cater to her driving needs yet again. The casual meetings are leading to something more serious between them but Tuesday has a lot of baggage and Diesel is often emotionally withdrawn. However, their attraction keeps powering ahead, leaving them in the dust. Is now really the right time for these two to fall in love?

Slow Ride is the newest book in Erin McCarthyís Fast Track series and several of the previous couples make appearances in this book, which may lead readers to their stories also. I was actually wishing there werenít quite so many cameos because I wanted to focus more on Diesel and Tuesday, who I really enjoyed reading about. These two definitely have a powerful attraction but it is tempered by problems. Tuesday is not over her fatherís death and is not dealing with it very well. Diesel does not always know how to help her.

However, there is also a really solid romance in this story that features more light and frothy romantic fare as these two get to know each other. Tuesday, when in the moment and totally sober, is a riot. She is likable and fun and Dieselís longing for her in these moments is palpable. Kudos to Ms. McCarthy for so ably being able to show the opposite side of Tuesday, as she uses alcohol to numb her pain.

Slow Ride is a very genuine and realistic love story. Tuesday and Diesel face true obstacles to their happiness, obstacles that cannot be fixed by just falling in love. These two have to work on themselves before they can totally embrace being a couple together. I enjoyed the realistic qualities of this story just as much as I enjoyed how down and dirty Erin McCarthy writes her love scenes. Slow Ride is romance gold!

Reviewed in September 2011 by Sarah.

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