by Isobel Carr

May 2011
ISBN: 978-0-446-57275-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Grand Central Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

There is nothing quite like the seduction of a lady but for Lord Leonidas Vaughn, seducing Mrs. Viola Whedon is something quite unlike his usual pursuits in London. Mrs. Whedon is a famed courtesan who has something that Leo needs. Unfortunately, his cousin, Charles, also wants the treasure because it will make him rich beyond measure. Charles is ready to use violence against Mrs. Whedon, while Leo is prepared to be her savior, at least on the surface.

Viola is convinced that the mysterious men rampaging throughout her house are thugs looking for the second volume of the memoir she is penning. Viola needs money and her time as a famed courtesan is coming to an end. When the thugs try to harm her, she takes to the streets of London late at night, running into Lord Leonidas. All is not what it seems however. Viola accepts Leo’s claim to be his pretend mistress for a bit, in order to be protected from her previous bedmates. But little does she know that Leo has a different plan up his sleeve altogether.

Ripe For Pleasure offers readers an intelligent heroine and a very sexy and determined hero. His intentions are not true when he first gets to know Viola, and there is no doubt he is using her for his own means, but somewhere along the line, Leo falls for Viola, hard. This would normally be a very big problem for a lord but Leo’s family is not exactly known for making the best matches amongst the aristocracy anyway. He is unafraid to forge his own path, particularly after he realizes what he is doing to Viola with his lies.

I did wish the ruse had not continued quite as long as it did because it put Viola in serious danger. She is a woman who just wants to lead a peaceful life now that her beauty is not in demand amongst the men of the Ton. She is highly intelligent, witty, and not afraid to meet Leo passion for passion.

Unfortunately, I started to lose interest towards the end of this book. The tension just was not sustained enough for this reader after the big reveal of motives and secrets. However, on the whole Ripe for Pleasure is a satisfying story featuring a couple that has sizzle and passion on just about every page. I am definitely more than willing to try another Isobel Carr story!

Reviewed in August 2011 by Sarah.

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