by Jennifer Ashley

August 2011
ISBN: 978-0-425-24049-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Six years have passed since Ainsley Douglas was caught in Lord Mackenzie's bedchamber. Cam Mackenzie wanted to take advantage of his good fortune at the time and Ainsley had been tempted, but she could not betray her husband. She'd escaped seduction then, yet here she is six years later and hiding behind the curtain in Lord Cameron's bedchamber. Ainsley is a widow now so it will take some quick thinking to escape Cam's arms this time around.

Cam has had his fill of deceitful women courtesy of his late wife. There are plenty of women willing to warm his bed but it is the intriguing Mrs. Douglas who captures his interest. Cam knows she divides her time between being a lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria, a favorite of hers in fact, and living with her older brother and his wife. Most important to Cam is the knowledge of how Ainsley feels in his arms. They have unfinished business and he plans to see it through.

Ainsley has a perfectly good reason for being in Cam's bedchamber just as she did the last time, although he'd refused to believe her. She is on a mission for the Queen. Some letters were taken from the Queen which could prove to be very embarrassing for the monarch. Ainsley is sent to retrieve the letters and return them to their rightful owner. During a Mackenzie house party Ainsley sees the culprit slip one of those letters to Cam. Of course, she follows it...right back into Cam's arms.

The black sheep of the Mackenzie clan may think he is in control, but when his sister-in-law Isabella decides to lend love a helping hand there's nothing to do but get out of the way.

There is no husband waiting at home for Ainsley, but that doesn’t mean there are no obstacles. Cam's past and Ainsley’s new duties may, in the end ,keep them apart.

Book three in Jennifer Ashley’s Highland Pleasures is this summer’s hottest read! The sexy Mackenzie bad boy meets his match in The Many Sins of Lord Cameron. Not only will the reader find intrigue, laughter, and love in this newest installment of the series, but the whole Mackenzie clan shows up to watch Cam's downfall.

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron is written to stand alone, but why miss out on these hot highlanders and the women who tame them? If you haven’t read the series you are definitely missing out!

Reviewed in July 2011 by Rho.

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