by MaryJanice Davidson

October 2003
ISBN: 0-7582-0646-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

The first story in this anthology is Sweet Strangers. And what a story to start this book off with. Renee Jardin is on the run. She is running from her former boss and the security that she hired, namely Peter Random. She ran right into the arms of one Eric Axelrod, who just happened to be looking for Renee. Only one slight problem - Renee didnít know he was looking for her. Letís just say that the attraction between the two is ignited and doesnít seem to go away. The tension between the two is there as well since Renee is trying to figure out what she needs to do with her current status (running from the law) and exactly who she can trust.

Lovely Lies is just as good as the first, and the hero in this story is none other than the Peter Random. Yep, Peter from the previous story. Peter is now out of a job though, and on the lookout for another. Lookout is right, as he finds his next job in the backseat of his car. Lori Jameison needs to hire Peter as her bodyguard for a few days. Just long enough for her to spend a fortune and to keep her step-father and step-brother away from her. They both want different things out of this relationship but is it the same after all? Can Peter and Lori have a serious relationship when Peter has doubts about his past?

Thea Foster makes another appearance in Delightful Deception, but as the heroine this time around. Thea, known as the Ice Queen, or IC for short is not what she seems to be, not by a long shot. The saying 'you need to watch out for the quiet ones' can be applied to Thea. Jimmy Scrye is Theaís new boss at the biotech lab. He enters her life and things sort of go haywire for Thea. The attraction between the two is marvelous, it is fire and ice, and you never know which one you will get. Thea is once again working on a product that has been on the back burner for numerous years and now Jimmy wants it finished in the shortest amount of time possible. Can she do it and still keep her thoughts and feelings away from work and Jimmy?

Under Cover is a splendid read and one you can easily finish in one afternoon as I did. I couldnít believe how fast the book was done. I kept turning the pages and before I knew it I had reached the end. I really liked how the three stories were connected to each other. Mary Janice Davidson is a fantastic author and she is able to draw you into the story and put you right there with the characters, making you truly wish you were one of them. Ms. Davidson is an auto-buy author for me, whether it is her e-books or her print books, it doesnít matter. Under Cover is not to be missed.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Pam.

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